At Home Pet Sitters has decided to cancel their membership with @Pet Sitters International. AHPS has been a member of PSI for many years and became certified through PSI. Recently I was made aware that PSI made changes to their membership requirements and are now allowing in home boarding businesses to be members and purchase insurance through them. This change directly affects my business in a negative way. 

The majority of these in home boarding businesses are not licensed by the Dept of Agriculture, the governing body for animal housing in GA. They do not want to pay the fees associated with the Dept of Ag and they don’t want to deal with the inspections they would be required to pass. Most of these businesses hold business licenses that are for “pet sitting” businesses which cover businesses who sit for pets in the pets’ own home, or they hold no business license at all. Also, there are laws about in home business that take in pets and neighborhood ordinances that prohibit taking pets into homes for payment. Most of the sitters providing in their own home boarding are doing it secretly and use meeting places to meet with people who want to board their pets with them. I can't have a membership that does not pay attention to local laws and ordinances.

PSI also changed the requirement prohibiting these businesses to be members and did not inform members that a change was taking place; as per Chris Sutphin of PSI, they “kept it quiet”. I feel this was underhanded and a way for them to not have to deal with their members when they protested this change, so they told no one. I am understandably furious with PSI for acting in this manner! I will not have anything to do with then now or in the future. This decision in no way means the care that my clients pet or my clients receive will be any less than the best care possible. It only means that I hold myself, my sitters, my business and any associations that I may become a member of to a much higher standard than the one PSI provides for its members. 

Thank you to all AHPS clients for understanding my reasons for dropping this membership. 

One last note… I became a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through PSI, I did my homework, paid for my certification, and I passed the testing with a very high grade. PSI prefers that I do not use the certified pet sitter logo, but I earned it and I will continue to use it. I am a Certified Professional Pet Sitter and I engage in continuing education in an effort to provide my clients with the most knowledgeable pet sitters available.