I can't tell you how impressed we were with the services we got from At Home Pet sitters......I am a stickler for "quality" care for our dogs. We have four, Bip, Bop, Bella and Maddie. They are definitely part of our family and we expect them to be treated as one of us. AHPS have surpassed any expectations we had of "pet sitters". The most recent service you provided made me fully aware of the care you give. While we were gone, Maddie started passing blood (LOTS OF BLOOD). You  guys stepped in and took care of her needs, being attentive and caring, taking her to the vet, seeing that she got the treatment she needed and administering meds that were prescribed. We can't thank you enough for your superb service. Incidentally, Maddie is fine. We HIGHLY recommend AHPS to anyone who doesn't want to "board" their family members.
Nicole & Tony Turner

I was so pleased when I returned
from my Thanksgiving Holiday to
find my pets so well taken care of
and stress free. I am so happy I
found your service and will
continue to use it and recommend
it to my friends. Bonnie, Maggie,
Dixie and Moses thank you, too!
Please feel free to have any future clients call me for a reference.
Julian Mathis Jr.

Thanks for the pictures of Abby they look really good!  You guys did an awesome job, I totally felt secure knowing you were here checking on her.  And the letters from each day was an added bonus!!  We will deffinately be keeping At Home Pet Sitters on our mind the next time we have to leave little Abby by her self!
Thanks again!
Lauren Dahm

I knew my cats were getting fed & petted & talked too. The notes you left, written from their points of view were so cool! I would not have enjoyed my vacation as much without you!
Jimmy Sasser
[I liked] the notes from every visit - letting me know everything that happened [with my pets].
Jennifer Banzet

Dylan is calmer now & he really likes you! I love the diary! Thanks for helping with cleaning Dylan's messes! He loves to tear thains up. P.S. Be careful with setting any of your items down, he will try to eat them if he gets the chance! Rated 5 Paws!
Michelle Hudson

[I liked] the convenience.
Lauren Stec

We liked the daily notes. They were so cute! I like all of the details! I didn't worry while we were gone! Thanks!
Krisitina Quarterman

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of my pug, Bruce. Thank you for all the pictures of Bruce, and for all the quality time you spent with him each day. I am so lucky to have found you! Thank you so much Cathi!
Meredith Easley

I loved the pictures you emailed to me! Thank you for coming on Sunday to check to see if Bellamy needed to be let out! You are exceptional, especially since it was pouring (rain) and you were willing to come let her out! That is comforting!
Leslie Rae Cox

Thanks for taking such good care of my very spoiled cats. They looked great and did not seem stressed by my absence. It only took one day for them to forgive me......The notes personalize the service. I liked that you played with the kitties and cared for the non-social kitty under the bed.
Kim Smith

Jazz seemed very happy when I got home. Thank you, Cathi!
Lily Bill

You call over any concerns and take the time to know when something isn't right with my pets.
Leslie Canady

We liked the notes left from our dog and your professionalism!
Stephen & Sabrina Gardner

We liked the daily notes and the frequency of the visits.
Amy Nash

The first consultation was great! Notes you left were great! Dogs were so happy! I cannot say "thank you" enough! Because of you, my trip was much more enjoyable! It means alot to be able to trust your house & pets with someone!
Jennifer Frey

Good job! Cool pictures! Thank you!
Michelle & Robyn Quattlebaum

The daily notes as to how Everest and Elle were doing [were the best]. Mail and newspaper pick-up certainly were a perk. Thank you very much! Your pet sitting services were very much appreciated!
Julie Van Tassell

I liked that if you didn't hear from me, you would keep coming by. This showed me that you would really care for Daisy. The notes from Daisy were a nice bonus!
Tim Lowery

The personal service to make sure the dogs were happy was the best!
Lloyd Lovering

You seem to really love working with animals. My kitties got love while we were away. Thanks!
Katie Lowden

I liked the notes! Thank you!
Sarah Gottleib

[I liked your] reliability & the photos. I already referred you to my friends!
Nanci Zabko 

Hey Cathi!
Those pictures were so cute, thanks for sending them. Bellamy doesn't look at all like she misses me!  I appreciate you taking care of her and I will be calling you again.
Thanks again,
Leslie Rae Cox

The dogs were happy & calm when we returned. The journal was a great extra! (We) appreciated the interest in the pre-meeting before we left. You're our dog sitter for life! We would highly recommend you.
Brandy & Matt Solomon

You treat our "children" as if they were yours. It's nice to know someone so trustworthy visits and checks to be sure the pets are fine and the home is secure. I'll certainly be glad to serve as a reference.
Rhonda Fordham

The girls seem very happy! We like the daily updates!
Thank you!
Romania White

(We liked) the time spent with our pets, the notes left with the activities while we were gone. Thanks you for the great care!
Carol Mazo
Customer Comments
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I am so thankful to have found AHPS!  For the first time in quite a while I was going to be away from my furry babies.  I worried and worried about care for them, and almost canceled my trip.  I found AHPS and set up a meet and greet.  Brittany came to visit and introduce herself to my cats, Spooky, Tassie, and Wendell.  She was professional and thorough, and after the interview I felt better about leaving the cats as I felt they would be cared for very well.  I was especially concerned about Tassie and Wendell.  Tassie is easily traumatized.  When we moved to our new house last year she wouldn't come out of the master bedroom closet for six weeks.  Anytime someone new enters our home she runs upstairs and hides.  Wendell is only 10 months and I have never left him.  Well, I wasted my time worrying over nothing!  Sam did an outstanding job in caring for the cats, and sent me a text at every visit.  In addition to providing excellent pet care, she also notified me that our AC stopped working.  She had the foresight to close all of the blinds so that the sun coming through the windows would not add to the heat in the house.  I know the visits while the AC was off must have been miserable for Sam, but she never complained.  The cats kept me posted on Sam's visits as well, and I really appreciate Sam taking the time to write down the messages from them. Sam was also kind enough to bring in the mail each day. I was thrilled to return home to find Spooky his usual, unconcerned self; Wendell a little vocal but none the worse for my absence: and Tassie came out from under the sofa in about 15 minutes.  I would recommend AHPS without reservation, and will be booking with them several times in October.  It is such a relief to know that I can travel again without worrying about pet care.  Thanks again to all of you at AHPS that make this possible.
Belinda Williamson

I just wanted to write a quick note
to let you know that Jake did an
OUTSTANDING job for me this weekend. 
I didn't even have to be home to know that my animals were cared for.  When I arrived just a little bit ago I let them all out (but no one had to use the potty!) that right there set my mind at ease knowing that they were let out as promised.  They were also excited to see me but not CRAZY excited like they were with the last pet sitter I used (making me wonder if anyone actually ever came over to the house as planned). I will most surely be using your service again!
Vicki Madsen

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for such an outstanding job for CoCo, Glory and Georgia.  Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all y'all do and it's nice to know I can leave them and know they are taken care of. 
Thanks again,
Rene' Rubnitz

Hi Cathi,     Well, we [me included] survived our first sitting!  I feel very confident in your company that my dogs will be well cared for while I am on a trip!  We have had the same sitter for about 8 years, so it is a big change.  Your site is really enjoyable and helped make me feel I made the right choice!  NOTE:  Bella will only pee on some walks and the gentle leader is the best suited for her walks!    thanks, Jena

I just want to say "Thank You" again for taking such great care of my babies.They were healthy, happy, and not-too-punishing to Mommy when I returned home this week; it was such a weight off my mind to know they were being truly cared for and in the comfort of their own home, as well. I especialy enjoyed the notes that Lee left for me each day - an unexpected giggle at the end of a long trip home!
Melissa Kendrick

The daily notes as to how Everest and Elle were doing [were the best]. Mail and newspaper pick-up certainly were a perk. Thank you very much! Your pet sitting services were very much appreciated!
Julie Van Tassell

I liked that if you didn't hear from me, you would keep coming by. This showed me that you would really care for Daisy. The notes from Daisy were a nice bonus!
Tim Lowery

The personal service to make sure the dogs were happy was the best!
Lloyd Lovering

The "daily diary" - I was so surprised that you did that- it meant so much! Thank you for giving all of my cats "special" attention!
Salita Hill

We wanted to thank you for walking our Saint Bernard, Duncan.  He always seemed very happy and well taken care of the days you walked him.  It made us feel so much better  while we were at work knowing he was enjoying a walk with you.  Thank you for taking such good care of him.
Best Regards,
Tom and Erin Towers

You seem to really love working with animals. My kitties got love while we were away. Thanks!
Katie Lowden

We liked your willingness to work me in on the holidays and the care given to the animals and our home. We appreciate you returning even with the huge task involved!
Nancy Thrasher
I like how you work on training with Reese. And how you tell me what the two fo you did that day!
Amanda Varon

Fantastic! I was able to enjoy a nine day vacation, knowing that my dogs were being loved and nurtered! Ok-pampered! [I loved ]the personal attention, especially the daily notes!
Nancy Jilk

Thank you sooooo much for taking such good care of my baby!!! I loved the notes, too cute!! You absolutely go above and beyond the normal pet sitting duties and I just wanted you to know how much i appreciate it!
Thanks again!
P.S. Nikita says she misses her favorite pet sitter!

Dear Cathi,
Thank you for the donation of one weekend free pet sitting [to the Coastal Pet Rescue Pet Expo]. You donation is being raffled off with other prizes to help raise funds for necessary vet care. Thank you for your generosity.
Lisa Scarbrough
Coastal Pet Rescue

I liked your professionalism, plus I like you. I liked Tina's notes. I know Tina was more content to be at home.  She was very happy to see us when we returned, she was her usual self after she settled down from her greeting. This greeting we always get, whether it's a few minutes or hours. Thank you very much for taking care of our baby.
Virginia Murphy

[We liked] the notes on the pets behavior and the thoroughness of your visits. [You were] very professional and caring. Jackie really enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
Collin & Jackie Stewart

Just had to let you know how great of a time that Opie had while he was hangin out with Sam. Opie really took to him right away! My guess is that Sam not only walked the little dude, but ran his little legs off! Since our return, he wants to run as soon as we get out the door! Sam was the perfect fit for our little boy! And the cute little notes that he left us(excuse me...that Opie left us) were priceless! If Sam is an example of your staff, then you will be making news in "Dog Fancy" very soon! I have no more worries about  my boy being well looked after while I'm in town. Job well done! Thank You,

We really appreciate all the work your crew has done for us while we were on vacation and the help this past weekend. Your services are wonderful, Deacon is SO much happier at home than at the kennel, and we feel much better about going out of town having you guys take care of him. Winnie, the outdoor cat, seems content too having people around during the day. Thanks again and we look forward to utilizing your services in the future!!

[Cathi,] what a life saver you are. For those of you reading this, tell me if this sounds familiar. you're going out of town and the one OR two neighbors/friends/family members/mail-man?, who were committed to watching fluffy, cancelled at literally the last minute.
Well, it happened to me and I found myself Googling pet sitters in Savannah. thank God AHPS has good meta tags on their website because they popped up first. I called and the next thing i knew i was talking with Cathi in my home and giving her the key to my heart - Marley, our little angel that we adopted out of the local foster system. Cathi is true-blue and totally awesome. I have talked with several of her staff and the same is true of them also. She runs a tight ship and continuity with all the sitters is apparent with the daily diary. Question for you...how much does the peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for by caring people cost? before your next trip, call Cathi and find out - you'll be glad you did. t
Thanks again AHPS!
John Sweet (Marley's dad)

[You were] friendly and easy to reach while we were gone. [We liked} the notes left after each visit and the walks. Thank you so much!
Amy & Randy Zurcher

Everything was as we left it. Everyone/everything clean and alive :). You are a very likeable person. We are happy to have found you!
John & Raquel Brekken

I like that you take a personal interest in my 4-legged, furry "kids". The pups & I appreciate
your flexibility. We are very excited that you have helped us get aquainted with Savannah, from a dog owner's perspective. Thank you! The doggie-pet sitting journal always has very amusing "notes to mom" awaiting my return. Your website is very helpful for those wanting to plan ahead for their doggie needs when relocating to Savannah. It is very informative & user friendly (your icons work when you click on them, unlike many other websites we have used).
My pups & I are thrilled with the services provided by At Home Pet Sitters. We would highly recommend them to other pet owners.
Elizabeth Lavoie

Dogs were relaxed when we came home.
Sue Larson

I could tell by your voice and your notes how much you loved my dogs! I never felt so at peace about leaving my Cody & Jed. Thank you!
Greg & Kathy Dziuban

Your service was very personalized and dependable. Loved the comments from my pets, all very positive. Of course! Thank you! A five paw service!
Sharon Ward

(I liked) knowing that if something happened and I didn't get back on time, Lady would continue to be taken care of until I arrived.
Thank you!
Kelly Burke

I like the diary and the overall caring of the pets general well being.
Ed Vance

We got home around 7:30 last night. Everything looked great.  I think
Tigger gained some weight!  They were glad to see us, but had obviously been well cared for.  I really enjoyed reading the notes, too.  Thanks for everything. I'll be in touch about our next time away
Jennifer Lee

Loved the notes!
Beverly Hagen

We have three cats. We liked your understanding of the needs of each cat. And you take the time to get to know each one. We are extremely attached to our cats. The attention and care given was very much appreciated. We appreciated the added touch of your writing a note for each day of your visit. Thank you so much!
Diane McCarthy & Sandy Hart 

The picture was cute.
Corey Metcalfe

We liked the notes you left from Wiz! We already referred you! Michelle used your services already!
Shanon Liang

We liked the daily updates. Everything was clean & as we left it. The kitties were happy. It was great having peace of mind on our trip knowing that the kitties were in good hands. Many thanks!
Heidi & Kirk Peterson

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the special attention you gave Dusty and Marley during my visit to Savannah a couple of weeks ago.  It was super that while I was enjoying my sightseeing afternoon, the dogs were also enjoying Savannah.  I never imagined you'd take them to a dog park and a stroll down Riverwalk when I arranged for your services.  The dogs were so content to be in your care.  I think they had as good a visit as I did!  Thanks again. 
Candace Noneman

The time that you spent with the girls and the notes of the girls
thoughts were the best! You did a great job! Now we can feel comfortable about going out of town!
Jason & Michele Wellington

We liked the daily log of activities and the good communication with us, when you felt like something was wrong.
Brian & Sara Hallberg

We were happy to be able to leave Gunny at her home, where she is comfortable and knows we are coming home for her.
Jan Bass

Savannah, GA