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For your protection and ours, we require pets be current on all their vaccinations. A copy of this record must be provided.

All animals are required to wear identification tags while they are under our care.

We need to know if your pet has bitten or is aggressive before booking. 

We do not "exclude" pets. If they are under our watch, they are under our care.

At Home Pet Sitters will not do every other day visits for any pet in our care.
We do not accept garage door openers in lieu of keys.
No job shares.
We must be advised of any person who has access to your home. If we arrive and find things out of place or a stranger in your home, we are going to call the police first and ask questions later. 


Payment is due when services are contracted. See below for cancellation fees and rebooking requirements.

It is the owner's responsibility to contact At Home Pet Sitters within 4 hours of your stated return time. If we don't hear from you we will automatically resume service at additional expense to you; $25.00 per visit. Payment for additional services is due immediately upon your return. 

At Home Pet Sitters required two copies of your house key for "just in case" something should go wrong. You may leave your key on file or pick it up after your booking. For re-bookings, you will be required to drop off your key, one week prior to the next sit. 

Please review our contract for additional terms.

We reserve the right to refuse service. 
AHPS Holiday Payment and Cancellation Policy
At Home Pet Sitters requires all visits to be paid in advance. Holiday visits must be reserved with a credit card. All visits without a credit card will be put in the schedule behind visits that have a credit card on file. This means that your visits may not fit into our schedule and you will be left without a sitter for your time away. 

In the event you need to cancel your reservation:
With 2 weeks advance notice of cancellation, all payments will be credited to your AHPS account. 1 week, ¾ of your payment will be credited. 3 to 5 days, ½ will be credited. No refunds or credits for cancellations with 2 days or less notice.

No credit or refunds for early returns on any series of holiday visits. 
At Home Pet Sitters turns down many other people to keep your visits on the  schedule. This makes it impossible to rebook the visits that you have reserved. Therefore, we will make no refunds or credits for early return. 
We will not give any credit for visits that sitters show up for that you failed to cancel before your departure. Once a sitter shows up, they must be compensated.

Cancellation Policy
Daily dog walks: At Home Pet Sitters will credit cancelled visits to the next weeks scheduled visits. Visits not cancelled before the sitter arrives at your home will not be given credit. Once the sitter is there, they must be compensated. 
Vacation visits: Credit in full will be given for visits cancelled with 2 weeks notice. Refunds will be given to new customers only with 2 weeks notice. 
Less than two weeks notice will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. 
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